Story Of Dun It For Cash

I initially laid eyes on Dun It For Cash as a yearling where he remained in a pen with other colts. Recognizing he was too costly for me, I acquired another colt who turned out to be a champ. I can not get him out of his mind. As a 3 years of age, he was after that sent to the NRHA Futurity where he positioned in the finals.

The adhering to Springtime, Dun It For Cash was shown at the Olympic Trial Runs in Burbank. I sat in the stands with the proprietor as they enjoyed a warm mad stallion quit and refuse to go anymore. The rider tossed his hands up in the air as well as rode out of the arena. The owner ran over and also got Dun It For Money from the instructor.

I did not see him again for 6 months and also I still could not obtain him out of his mind. When Dun It For Money increased to buy, I sent for him. As he came to my cattle ranch, he was distressed at the globe as well as came out of the trailer on his hind legs rearing and striking. At that moment, I made a decision that Dun It For Cash wasn’t ever before going to leave my side. You see, we were both at a very comparable phase in our lives as well as when we looked each other in the eye, there was a quiet understanding.

With a month of horse trading and negotiating, I had the ability to purchase Dun It For Money. This was one of the most amazing moment in my life. I led him down to his field as well as with excited expectancy I hopped on him. Dun It For Cash promptly reached about and also ordered my leg with his mouth and took me to the ground. I drew his head around, got him up, as well as came back on. Away we on our very first route ride together. I made him a guarantee that I would not ever work him or train him in an arena again as a result of Dun It For Money’s disappointments. He thrived extremely swiftly as well as never ever once did he show any type of indications of giving up or angering!

The adhering to summer I chose to enter him in the distinguished Santa Barbara Fiesta Rodeo and also Supply Horse reveal him in Open Reining. We won it! I then entered him in the Monterey National Horse Program Open and once more we took the championship title. I as well as Dun It For Money relocated to Rosamond, CA where we periodically revealed at the neighborhood degree. Not intending to do reining with Dun It any longer, I simply played around roping, team penning, as well as working livestock.

When Dun It For Cash transformed 15 years old, I made a decision to semi retire him to periodic trail rides only. Dun It For Cash was not satisfied and also expanded gradually to come to be mad as well as resentful over non use.

When the Extreme Cowboy Association “EXCA” Competing finals was just three days away, I decided to pull him out of his pen and try him on obstacles. To my shock he enjoyed it! In this initial EXCA race, Dun It For Money had to jump, drag logs, and review teeter bridges for the very first time since I had actually not had a chance to introduce him to them. Dun It did not refuse one obstacle! We placed 4th in the Regional Championship with only 3 days prep work. Our first run video clip is one of the most uploaded and checked out worldwide and also still is the favored.

3 weeks later I took Dun It For Money to the Vaquero Days EXCA race in Desconso, CA where we won the Pro title. A few months later I took him to the EXCA World Championship where we made the finals and put on the first match race against Lee Hart. The Equine Affaire EXCA race was a pair months later where we positioned 3rd against The golden state’s toughest competition. Not long after we competed at the California Cowboy Racers EXCA occasion as well as we won it! This was his last race. Quickly after that, on May 24, 2011 at around 2:43 pm, Dun It For Cash had a cardiac arrest while reproducing a mare and passed away in my arms. His legacy survives through Dun It Colt 45, Laredo, La Cody Dun It, and also Dun It Docavanna; every one of which I own. On November 4, 2012, Dun It For Money was the initial horse inducted right into the EXCA Horse Hall of Fame.

I had actually always imagined the best horse, being a buckskin paint stud by Dun It For Money. I got my dream in March of 2008. I had been getting up every early morning preparing for the new arrival. On the morning Laredo was born, I had Evon go examine to see if he arrived. Evon came back to my room elated, “Cut, cut, get up and come see your desire equine”!

Laredo Dun It is the only buckskin paint stud by Dun It For Money. Laredo has his sire’s athletic ability, knowledge, and also temperament. Laredo or Infant Bucky as we call him is currently being trained for future programs and also performances with an Extreme Cowboy Competing occupation visible for 2015.

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