Camping Tent Buying Guide

Camping tent is the temporary shelter while you are camping in a remote place at the middle of the jungle, on a mountain or in an isolated island. Tents are not only used to stay safe and sleep but also to store essential tools and accessories. Camping tents are 2 types- personal and family tent. These tents are made very hard and durable to make you safe under any harsh condition. These tents are usually light and can be transported into a carry bag to make any kind of trip.

Camping Tent Buying Tips

There are a number of manufacturers who made camping tents. Most of them are great. But you need be aware about certain features if you want to buy a great camping tent. These features ensure the quality of a camping tent.
Comfort: Comfort will be the main priority as the campers go to camping mainly for recreation. This comfort means to get comfort while sleeping and sitting. The ventilation is also important to provide comfort as it makes your tent cool in a warm condition.
Durability:  Choosing a strong tent will be smarter than a good looking tent as the tent will protect you from bad weather, bug and other animals in a remote location. Strong and durable tents ensure a long lasting using. So look for the tents which are made with Cotton, Nylon and Polyester.

Water proof: You must ensure before buying that the tent is waterproof.
Multi-seasonal use: Multi-season compatible tents are bit costly but they are very strong to use in any season and in any kind of unfamiliar condition.
Easy setup:  Easy setup tents are perfect for camping and also not time consuming to pack. Easy setup and pack up will save your time and energy.
Size and weight: Large and heavy weighted tents are difficult to carry in. A portable tent is always friendly for camping. Family tents are always larger, heavier and harder to setup. So look for the lighter ones.

Space: Select a tent which has sufficient space for movement while you are in it. If you want to camp all by yourself and want to keep your kits in the tent you must choose a tent which can cover a man more. Choose a tent according to your height and weight. If you are with family, choose a tent which can cover all the persons with enough space because some persons move too much while sleeping.

Sleeping pads: Sleeping pads will give you comfort and will ease you while sleeping, reading book, taking rest and gossiping with friends and family members.

Easy carry: Buy the tent which is very easy to carry. And some tents also provide carry bag. Go for those which have carry bag.

Additional accessories: Some additional accessories like Footprint which will be placed under the floor to protect you from twigs and rocks. Broom and dustpan help you to clean the inside of the tent. Zipper doors are better to open and close. Tent repair kit is another important accessory.

Price: The price of the tents varies for the sizes, quality and product materials. Better quality tents are bit costly. But you can get a great camping tent if you make a good research on the tent through online or simply going to the market.

Follow these instructions to but the best camping tent for your camping because a good tent can give the best pleasure while camping. But choosing a wrong tent will spoil your camping.